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Which traffic is considered to be unique?

Unique traffic - is traffic with unique IP-addresses recorded with partner sites.

I want to order advertising, but not the desired category to me?

If you can not find a suitable category write to us about it through tickets or feedback form indicating the desired category and we will add it.

Why read the advertisement distribution?

Reading a paid advertisement distribution of emails from the system, you earn cash, which later can spend on advertising your site.

Do you have a reward for engaging users?

Yes there is! You can earn 10% - from advertising expenses involved with you people are!

Can I have multiple accounts?

No! You can have only one account in the system. The user who will be found multiple accounts will be deleted without warning.

I wrote you a letter with a question, but received no response, why?

You may not have written the letter through the contact form, or the answer to your question is already contained in this section, and if Your E-mail has an answering machine, it gets in our ban list. Try to write to us with another E-mail.

I advertise and set target time and clicks statistics not, why?

First, check whether you have set the target time, it has a 24-hour format, ie should indicate the time to 00:00 (for example: from 16:00 to 22:00, from 21:00 to 00:00, etc.). Also worth noting, if you set the time targeting traffic is slower.

Can I post code system along with others?

It is possible, but only if they do not interfere with normal operation of our system code or rotator used, as well as the different systems if the codes are located on different pages of the site in order to prevent their simultaneous operation.

What does "All traf?"

If you order an advertising company you choose this tariff, this means that you buy all the traffic at once, namely: RU-Russian, UA-Ukraine, EE-Estonia, KZ-Kazakhstan, DE-Germany, BY-Belarus, GE-Georgia , PL-Poland, LT-Lithuania, US-United States and other countries, including vague (no). By purchasing the message traffic once, you will not only raise the position of the site in the rankings, but also find consumer goods or services from other countries.

Can I set up one code system to multiple sites at once?

No, this is prohibited. Each site webmasters should be added to the system. System for each site generates a new code. At each site must be installed only by its unique code, otherwise you will not clicks counted.

I do not want to be on my website advertised resources erotic content. What to do?

To do this in the settings of the site tick "Do not display ads for adults."

What you need to indicate in this line: "BackTraf"?

Link (URL), which will be forwarded to the unpleasant and not checked by the system traffic. You can set the link to your site and return the traffic will get traffic to your site.
If not specified, it will be readdressing the exchange of traffic with your referral code. You will receive 10% of the advertisers who have registered on your Back-traffic! On backTraf redirected traffic only if at a particular time there is no demand for the corresponding flow.

How to read paid emails?

Paid letters will be sent to EMail or internal mail. After reading the advertising message, you need to confirm its reading by clicking on a special link with the test "Go to the website and get the money" at the end of the message. Which will open a new browser window and you have to wait for some time to the advertiser's site, then the funds credited to your balance in the system. If you did everything correctly, the show will be recorded, otherwise it will be shown the error record.

How to enable paid letters?

Go to the Account on the menu, click on "Your Profile" and put "YES" to the text "to receive promotional emails" and click "Save." The same procedure is shut down list.

Is it possible to make the paid letters came only in the account?

No, paid letters or come in to your account, or E-Mail, or do not come at all.





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