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Advertising costs

Thematic traffic exchange system 

The success of any commercial project on the Internet is not possible without a constant flow of targeted traffic. Traffic - a visitors as permanent visiting the site regularly, and seeking new information on the topic of interest to them.

Targeted traffic and increase attendance 

The system of free advertising Td-Everest provides fast, reliable and manageable increase in site traffic targeted traffic. Several different ad formats will allow everyone to choose what is necessary to him. Intuitive user interface eliminates the need to study the long-term operation of the system. 

Great tool for the free advertising 

Td-Everest - is a free advertising network with unique opportunities to conduct high-quality internet advertising campaigns. We help attract targeted visitors who are interested in the products or services offered on your site. Free advertising allows the advertiser to not only significantly increase the traffic to your site, but also attract new customers.

Free Advertising Online

заработок в интернете

Td-Everest - is a free service where anyone can advertise on the Internet. System users earn virtual currency for advertising on their site, which you can use to advertise their sites. Receive virtual rubles paid for reading emails and viewing sites for advertisers, as well as attracting new users to the free advertising network. 

We are paying users: 

  • 200 Rub 1000 transitions (RU-traf) * 
  • 100 Rub for 1000 read letters; * 
  • 50 Rub for 1000 viewed sites in the surf; * 
  • 10% of the balls each new referral; 


All the money instantly credited to your account that you can use for advertising.


Legitimate mailing lists

почтовые рассылки


You can advertise your products and services to a wide audience of users through the free distribution of information via e-mail of 10 cents per letter. This service will get a large number of interested visitors to your site, while visitors will know which site he visits, which guarantees an adequate perception of information. 


Td-Everest is a modern and highly effective tool mail free marketing to increase sales and to stimulate demand for the products. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses who need simple and effective solution for the development of online business. 


Mailing lists help maintain the loyalty of the target audience, promote new products, improve the company's image. This is a simple tool that does not require special training, but giving maximum return on investment force.



What makes us different from other services? 

  • We do not cheat on counters, you get live visitors, your potential customers; 
  • Regularly organize contests and promotions for our partners; 
  • We provide a bonus of 100 Rub, so that you can evaluate the possibilities of the system free of charge; 
  • Have access to all possible settings of the advertising campaign; 
  • We can provide more than 3000 unique visitors per site per day; 
  • Simple, but very easy to use interface for beginners and professionals; 
  • Cost of services free of charge, have more than 1000 unique visitors to your website; 
  • Legal promotional mailings mandatory transition to the advertiser's site; 
  • We offer free advertising for webmasters and partners; 
  • If desired, you can place paid advertisements and you will earn 100% bonus on your advertising budget; 
  • Charge for each click of the target user on your site through advertisements from 300 per 1,000 Sightseeing transitions; 
  • Pay for visiting the advertisers' sites from 50 per 1,000 Sightseeing visits for at least 15 seconds; 
  • Pay for reading mail from advertisers by 90 points for its 1000 letters;


Размещение рекламы в интернет

Advertise multiple formats

One of the salient features of our system - is the ability to accommodate multiple types of advertising formats. This approach to the advertising company no doubt be converted into increased sales of your products and services.


 Now we are already more than four hundred advertisers, it provides most of the advertising campaigns low competition. This significantly reduces the cost of advertising and allows you to advertise prices that are much lower than in other advertising networks. The current minimum price is transition - 1 penny.


Easy to RegisterРегистрация

The registration process and the launch of advertising campaigns is absolutely free, and easy to use for all our customers. You get to use all of the functionality as a whole immediately after registration.

пополнение баланса

Convenient top-up

 Fill up balance to order advertising in our system, you can with the help of popular payment systems such as - Z-Payment, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, SMS fee RBKmoney, Money @ mail, as well as plastic cards and bank transfers. When you recharge your bonus will be automatically credited in the amount of 100% of the amount payable.

PartnersПартнерская программа

We constantly purchase new traffic from all countries, cities and regions. We accept any websites with quality traffic from 100 hosts per day and redeem any amount of traffic at reasonable prices. Our ad units are easily configured for any website design and have a high click through. And also works great affiliate program for each participating extra income with 10% of advertising spending or earnings made ??by the user.


рекламодателю Advertise

Buying traffic from us, your site will be visited by people interested in buying your products or services. You do not just pay per click advertising, and unique targeted visitor to visit your site. You can order an advertisement from 10 rubles per 1000 visitors to your website. We offer a simple and intuitive interface, and buy traffic we have in the system is easy and inexpensive. In addition we provide: there is no need to book advertising space, low initial cost of advertising, transparent system of accounting for clicks targeted traffic filtering, quality control and unique clicks.


WebmasterЗаработок вебмастеру

For webmasters our service provides the possibility of cooperation webmasters and advertisers. You can profitably sell traffic and earn from clicks on ads that you can use to advertise your site. Commission system is minimal and is only 20%. In this case, we guarantee: stable conversion with your sites.





Free Internet Advertising

Free website promotion

Post free mailing

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