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Advertising costs

Free advertising site - it's that simple!

If you have a website, then surely you thought about how to make it economically successful and popular among the audience. How can this be achieved?

The answer is obvious - it needs advertising, there is only one big "but": as a rule, it is expensive and available funds for this purpose there is not always and not at all.

We offer you a qualitatively different solution - it is free advertising website. Is this possible? Oh yeah!

Let everyone know about the site!

Most recently, on the Web, we launched an interesting and, most importantly, free advertising service, offering excellent opportunities to everyone to make their projects successful and visited.


Attention, attention!

The bonus system that inspires! 


Pleasant surprises in the context of promotion of the site? Why not! The service provides comfort for the "users" bonus system. Each newly registered user automatically gets a completely "just" $ 10, that is, can submit free ads immediately after registration without fulfilling any conditions yet. 


Bonus system - every newly registered user gets 100 rubles for free advertising of your site, ie advertising site can be immediately after registration.

It is the perfect choice for those who promote your web-project. Webmasters and advertisers will be able to for a short time greatly improve the performance of the resource, without spending huge budgets!

Then just remember a saying about free cheese, however, all is well. You just put on your site / blog simple service code, and then to a personal balance will be received special points in the local currency, which was later and you will be able to exchange for the purchase of advertising campaigns for your site (or - sites).

In fact, you do not spend a penny, and placing banners, save the lion's share (if not all) of the advertising budget.

The most interesting is that service users have a choice.


To advertising site on the Internet for free was possible, they are different formats: 

  • As already mentioned, the installation of banners. 
  • Working with promotional mailing. 
  • Avtoserving.After spending a minimum of effort, you will soon be able to develop your project.

Peculiar system of mutual aid, which has already proved its effectiveness!

Free advertising is different!

Advertising so many faces, and it is noteworthy that in the framework of the free service, you can choose any convenient and efficient as possible for your project format:

  • Banner advertising - the perfect solution, which proves in practice that the principle of clarity, formulated by Jan Amos Comenius, has not lost its relevance for many centuries. 
  • Teaser ads, bright and modern, able to attract the attention of even the one who is not inclined to click on the ad unit. 
  • Body click - quite a new direction, which is to say a few words to let you better understand the subject matter: a simple script after installation on site allows for opening any new tab page.

As mentioned above, due to the well thought-out bonus program, you can place free advertising, in fact, immediately after registration. Why not use this opportunity?

There is always an alternative!

But what about those who clearly does not want to install on your site any banners, counters, additional codes? Is it possible to forget about such a definition as "free advertising"?

In any case. What would you say if you were offered the opportunity to complete the campaign, which will cost in the literal sense, one penny? That's right - the price of 1 penny for 1 jump (click).


Again bonuses!

Bonuses, as it turned out, do not stop! If you have firmly decided to participate in a similar format, with the completion of its balance sheet, you get a 100% bonus to transfer funds (eg, recharge at 1000 rubles, received, respectively, in 2000 the balance).


This means that advertising on the site for free is still available for everybody without exception participants in the project, and it's certainly enjoyable process!

Advertising site for free: pros and cons!

For some reason a lot lately about all the negative comments free advertising opportunities projects. Perhaps, you have suspicions that a service that something is not right. Let's see!

  • Advertise free site is made possible thanks to the genuine interest of all parties. The project is going to people with common goals, and, in fact, providing each other services, achieve the same effect, which in other circumstances would have to spend tens of thousands of rubles! 
  • Secondly, there is an additional attraction of funds by offering unique conditions of paid advertising on conditions. There are no hidden fees and markups whether to think about how to apply to another place where the customer get ripped off "as a sticky," especially this point is relevant for novice owners of web-sites! 
  • Finally, free advertising, which is offered on a full project, without reservations and restrictions. All the latest and proven in practice efficiency technologies.

How to start to advertise?

This question can stand up to all the newcomers. Please try not to lose time and start immediately to quickly place a free ad on their websites and blogs!


Step 1: Sign up!

Intuitively simple and intuitive process that will take literally a few minutes of your time, and you end up with a unique bonus of 100 virtual rubles, which can be immediately put to use!


Step 2: Introduction to the terms and conditions!


By and large, all the conditions we have already covered, as no special difficulties, the project is not, but it's still worth a maximum Heed all nuances, at least in order to highlight all the favorable opportunities for themselves!


Step 3. Select the direction of advertising!

Now it is possible to decide on the kind of format for you closer - teaser, banner, body click or context. Immediately after the conditions of registration, you will again get to the account of "currency" and can subsequently to advertise the site for free!


In summary!

we note that the attractiveness of the project is available. This is not a pyramid, not "HYIP" is a complete advertising center of mutual aid, which makes the promotion of clearer and closer, and most importantly, effective for thousands of people.


Try it and you will enjoy the benefits of free advertising on the Internet!

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